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Brand : Lanoxin Generic
Composition : DIGOXIN di-JOX-in
Common Brand : Digitek, Lanoxicaps
Lanoxin 0.25mg
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Lanoxin Overdose

Generic Lanoxin can be harmful if taken in quantities larger than those prescribed. This can cause a number of complications including most of the side effects listed above. In case of the patient suffering from Lanoxin overdose, users should immediately call: 1-800-222-1222. In case of serious reactions such as the patient is not breathing or being unable to regain consciousness, caregivers’ should immediately call up the local emergency services on 911.

Lanoxin Missed Dose

There is a possibility that the patient will not be able to take all doses at the allotted times or may simply forget to take the Lanoxin dose for that day. In such circumstances, users should take the missed Lanoxin dose immediately, whenever it is realized. In case the next consecutive dose is in a very short time, user should ignore the missed dose and should only take the next consecutive dose. Users should not try to increase the dose or take twice the amount of the normal dosage, as it may increase complications.

Lanoxin Other Uses

Generic Lanoxin is also used in treating Angina (chest pain) or after a heart attack. Physicians may advice users to buy Lanoxin for other uses based on new research or their personal experience and opinion.

Lanoxin Storage

Lanoxin should not be placed at locations where pets or children will be able to access it. It should not be stored in direct sunlight, moisture or heat. Proper disposal of medications past the date of expiry should be carried out.

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